Caucasus Tour, May 2014
I love incorporating music and entertainment the way that you do--it makes for such fabulous trips!!!
Sheri Henriksen (frequent traveler)
Treasure Troves of Central Europe Fall 2012
Dear Dean and Zsofi,

Our trip with you was a wonderful experience. You are a great host and hostess! I am still trying to digest all we saw and did and the blog is a great help. Thank you for being so accommodating to me!

Sincerely, Virginia Van Horn
South America May 2008
I have traveled with Dean, and more recently Zsofi, five times; and I wish it were 25 or more.  The choices these people make of the music, the art, the historical/local sights to see are always excellent, experiences never to be forgotten.  AND the marvelous restaurants!!  Oh, my!!.  The personal attention they give to all of us in their group is extraordinary.  We travelers always end up feeling as if  we have made some very wonderful friends.  Just thinking about my trips makes me want to start packing for another trip right now.

Ann Young, Houston
Ann Young in Chile
South America May 2008
Dean’s deftness, not only in enhancing experiences with his depth and breadth of artistic and cultural knowledge but also in handling the travelers in a calm and comfortable manner, is impressive.

Marion Andress McCollum, Houston
Marion and Walter in Sicily
Northern Italy 2005
It was wonderful in every way—the accommodations, the food, the guides, the considerations . . . and of course the operas. There were no mishaps, no problems and everything was perfect. It was the trip of a lifetime and we so enjoyed it.

Phil and Diane Cimo, Houston
The Cimos in Venice