Looking toward the future - Destinations for 2020, April 15 to October 30, 2020
Based on a survey of our mailing list, we have established destinations and a general time frame for 2020. Of course, it is far too early to set specific dates or firm itineraries, but we hope this general outline and description of what we have in mind will help you in planning your own travel schedule for the upcoming years. We have been careful to avoid conflicts with major holidays in both the Christian and Jewish calendars; specific dates can only be determined after performance schedules have been released, typically six months to a year in advance.  Changing realities could result in revisions to our plans.

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Spring 2020
THE BALKANS - Bulgaria and Romania
with possible extension to Greece

Bulgaria and Romania are blessed with glorious scenery, a hospitable and lively people, hearty cuisine and excellent wines, offering you the opportunity to experience Europe as it was in years gone by. From the Thracian tombs and Ottoman palaces of Bulgaria to Romania’s fabled painted monasteries and “Saxon” citadels that seem to have been magically transported from medieval Germany, the region offers unparalleled historic and artistic treasures, many of them World Heritage Sites.  We intend to offer an extension to Greece.

Spring 2020

Andalucia, the southern region of Spain that was held by the Moors from early in the 7th century until it was conquered by the forces of Castile and Aragon late in the 15th century, will be the prime destination of our Spring 2020 tour. It is the most picturesque and romantic part of the Iberian Peninsula – Hemmingway suggested Ronda, perched high atop a cliff, as the perfect place for a honeymoon or elopement. In addition to the “big name” destinations – Granada, Malaga, Cordoba, and Seville – our itinerary will include more intimate places as well, such as Ubeda, Zahara de la Sierra, Canena, Baeza, and Cuenca as well as Ronda.
Our plan is to start a bit farther up Spain's eastern coastline, Valencia (founded by the Romans, ruled by the Moors from the 7th century, and captured by James of Aragon in 1238), where Calatrava’s stunning Palao des Arts Reina Sofia has become the country’s highest-profile performing arts center.  We plan to time our visit to coincide with the most interesting musical offerings there, filling out the schedule musically in Seville and Malaga both of which offer opera, ballet, and symphony seasons; aditionally, Cordoba has a symphony, and there’s a chamber music festival in Malaga each May.
As always, our sightseeing will feature expert lecturer/guides and you can count on us for some truly memorable dining experiences.

Summer 2020
 Early August

This is a reprise of the very successful tour we presented in 2014, featuring three summer festivals set along: the Adriatic coast of Italy, that narrow strip lying between the Apennine Mountains and the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean.

You think you’ve already “done” Italy: Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, perhaps even Naples and Sicily; nothing of interest left to see? Think again! Take a look at Puglia's trulli houses, cave city, and ornate buildings in the Lecce Baroque style, the stunning landscape of the Marche (pronounced MAR-kay) region, where the lush Sibillini Mountains descend to the turquoise waters of the Adriatic sea, and the region of Pesaro/Urbino where the cultures of ancient and Reneaissance Rome meet and mingle with those of Venice and Byzantium.

This tour will include extensive sightseeing, fabulous gastronomy, and performances in three unique settings:
  • Martina Franca in the far southeast province of Puglia where performances take place in the courtyard of the ducal palace
  • Macerata in The Marche; opera performances are set in a massive outdoor arena
  • Pesaro, a tiny, walled city dating back to Roman times, renowned today for its fine beaches and to us for its annual Rossini Festival, with most performances taking place in the intimate, historic Teatro Rossini.
You can get a better feel for this unique tour by checking out the Travel Logs from the 2014 tour.

Fall 2020
POLAND with the Chopin Piano Competition
between October 1 and 30

Poland might be a huge surprise for first-time visitors, since our imaginations have been so permeated with images of World War II destruction and the grim reality of the Gdansk shipyards during the waning years of the Communist era. In fact, not far from Gdansk (which, by the way, includes an Old Town of quaint passageways and stately gabled merchants houses from the 16th and 17th centuries), you’ll discover miles of white sandy beaches. Between that Baltic coast and the snow-capped mountains of the country’s south lie a belt of freshwater lakes, picturesque hills, primeval forests, and lowland plains. We’ll encounter reminders of Poland’s tumultuous history all along the way, from medieval cities and castles to grand baroque castles and churches, to mementos of the horrors of World War II and the Holocaust.

This will be our first-ever tour dedicated entirely to Poland, so we'll cover most of the country, from Krakow and the nearby Tatra Mountains in the south; via Wrocław (yet another “Venice of the North”) and Poznan, the birthplace of the Polish Nation in the west; to Torun and Gdansk in the north before concluding in Warsaw. We are planning to schedule the tour to be in Warsaw for the International Chopin Competition, which only comes up every fifth year.

Painted Monastery
Painted Monastery
Cathedral, Seville
Cathedral, Seville
Generalife Garden
Generalife Garden
Alhambra Detail
Alhambra Detail
Trulli Houses
Trulli Houses
Lecce Baroque
Lecce Baroque
Sfisterio Arena
Sfisterio Arena
Chopin's Piano
Chopin's Piano
Tatra Chapel
Tatra Chapel
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