Legacy of an Empire, Spring 2009
From the point of view of a participant in the tour that just concluded, I'd like to let you know that the tour was exceptional in every way.  Here are several specifics.

  • The planning, organization, and travel were all excellent.  We had great bus drivers and even a special minibus in Paris to help us make our return flight to Houston.
  • The guides were uniformly helpful.  They provided a good balance between plenty of detail and basic information.  It was always possible to ask questions.
  • Thoughout, there were always opportunities to take pictures.
  • Visits to unusual venues such as the Otto Wagner and Plecnik churches, plus Piber and the Municipal House in Prague, were exceptional.
  • While walking wasn't an issue for me, I was especially pleased that other options were available for those who might have had trouble spending lots of time on their feet.
  • The musical events were wonderful.  Since my primary reason for choosing to participate in this tour involved the musical events, I was very pleased with all of them.  Options regarding ticket prices were especially helpful.
  • The other participants were great companions.  All of them!
Robert Chanon (4 tours)
Baltics and Warsaw Chopin Competition, 2010
Thanks for a remarkable trip!

Gerry (Aitken)
Gerry Aitken (center) with Donna Hummel and Irena Witt
Carnival Tour, Italy 2010
You make it all so simple, Dean.  Thank you.

Rita Justice
Rita Justice in Carnival Costume
South America 2008
In my opinion, Dean is a superb “father hen” for the tours

Barbara Eaves
Barbara in Argentina
Private Romania Tour, 2010
Thanks for the excellent tour.   I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned a great deal.

Christine Conner
Christine (right) with Zsofi, C.C. Conner and David Groover
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